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About Us

Who We Are

We are New Jersey’s finest cannabis dispensary with cutting-edge strains and products that bring excitement back to the cannabis market.

Our top priority is making sure you are confident in your cannabis journey so you have the same style and swagger every time you walk into our doors. The Leaf Joint’s staff commit to learning everything we can about our products and your needs. Here, you’re family.

We Believe In...


Some people use it to take the edge off their everyday, some use it sleep better or help with pain. However you use cannabis, we are proud to provide an upbeat in-store ambiance that makes you feel welcome. Here, we’re the life of the party and you’re invited - always.


Whether you’re into flower and pre-rolls or edibles and accessories, we have the best local products in Jersey City. From new, innovative strains and cultivation techniques to culinary-grade product formulations, we’ve got it all.


Every individual deserves unrestricted access to high-quality cannabis products. No matter what walk of life you come from, you are welcome at The Leaf Joint.

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