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The Basic Guide to THC Dosing

Mar 26, 2024

As a responsible cannabis consumer, it’s important to find the optimal cannabis dosage for your needs and stay aware of your tolerance and how to reset your endocannabinoid system.

Whether you’re new to cannabis in New Jersey or a frequent flyer at our recreational cannabis dispensary, our team understands the importance of knowing how to dose cannabis.

At The Leaf Joint, we value opportunities for safe and enjoyable cannabis experiences; so we’ve curated this basic guide to THC dosing so you can have consistently reliable and enjoyable high experiences. 

What is cannabis dosage?

Your cannabis dosage determines the amount of cannabis you will consume in a given period, and it directly correlates to the level of effects and symptoms you’ll experience. 

Due to the limited research that currently exists on cannabis, information and insight are limited around the plant. However, what researchers have found is that even for medical cannabis consumption, your dosage plays a pivotal role in the effects and experience you will have. 

The tricky part about determining the best cannabis dose for you is that each product and everyone’s body is different. 

While some of these recreational products, such as infused beverages or edibles, will come with suggested dosing on the cannabis packaging, other products like cannabis flower or vapes won’t. That’s why new and experienced consumers alike need to learn the basics of THC dosing and how to determine your cannabis dose. 

At our recreational cannabis dispensary in Jersey City, you’ll find an abundance of different cannabis products in all forms – from vape cartridges and concentrates, to delicious edibles and potent flower. Our friendly budtenders are here to help you navigate the many different options of cannabis available, and advise you on the best recommended dose for the product. 

Understanding the THC Dosing Spectrum

Like the plant itself, the different ranges of THC doses give a full-spectrum of support to those who consume it. Let’s learn some of the best tips and information to know about the different levels of cannabis dosing. 


A microdose of cannabis usually ranges from 1 to 2.5 mg. It offers mild relief from pain or stress while increasing focus and creativity. As the dose is very low, it produces only slight psychoactive effects, making it an ideal option for first-time users or experienced users interested in microdosing.

Light THC Dosing

A light cannabis dose can range from 2.5mg to 15mg. The strength of the dose determines the level of relief from symptoms, including psychoactive effects. This dosage is recommended for those who want to address specific symptoms, such as sleep issues.

Moderate THC Dosing

Next, a moderate cannabis dose can reach anywhere from 30 – 50 mg. Considering it is a more moderate dose, strong euphoric and psychoactive effects can be expected. This is often ideal for consumers with a higher tolerance to THC, or looking to explore more full-spectrum cannabis products. 

High THC Dosing

A high cannabis dose is usually around 50 – 100 mg. As a high dose of THC and other potent cannabinoids, those who consume a high cannabis dose in this range will feel severe psychoactive effects. This can often include an increased heart rate or nausea. This dosage amount is typically seen in users with a high tolerance to THC, or cannabis concentrates.\

No matter your cannabis tolerance, experience, or preferences, The Leaf Joint’s budtenders are available to help you with dosing recommendations to dial in the most enjoyable and comfortable cannabis experience for you!

What factors affect THC dosage?

Especially before you try a new cannabis product, there are a few factors to consider before you consume: 

  • What’s your method of consumption? 

Edibles will have a longer duration of effects than cannabis vape or flower. Determining this can help you decipher the right dosage. 

  • What is the THC and CBD content? 

If you have your hands on a product with a high percentage of THC, start slow and low with your dose. Products high in CBD but not THC won’t give a potent psychoactive effect. 

  • What are your past experiences with cannabis? 

Consider any previous interactions or experiences you’ve had with cannabis – were there any patterns or effects that you experienced with cannabis in the past? Keeping a journal to record your effects and changes in cannabis dosing can help you monitor the best results and dose for you.  

Aside from your personal experience and tolerance with cannabis, many other internal and external factors can contribute to the dose and effects experienced from consuming cannabis. 

Some of these additional factors in determining your cannabis dose can include: 

  • The type of product you’re consuming. 

For instance, edibles take a longer time to feel the onset and duration of effects because of the way it’s digested and absorbed in our digestive tract. Compared to smoking flower or concentrates, the THC and cannabinoids consumed are absorbed through our lungs and bloodstream, which brings on a more potent and quick onset of effects. 

  • The bioavailability of the product. 

Some cannabis products, such as tinctures or nano-infused beverages, have better bioavailability. This means that there’s a great amount of nano-cannabinoids and compounds infused in the product and becoming fully absorbed within your body when you consume. 

  • Your metabolism. 

Especially if you are consuming an edible or infused food or beverage product, your metabolism plays a crucial role in determining how and when you will feel the effects of cannabis. This is because edibles are ingested like food, and anything you’ve eaten before the cannabis edible can delay and prolong the effects felt from an edible.

Building Tolerance to Cannabis

A cannabis tolerance can happen just like any other drug or substance. When you’re building up a high cannabis tolerance, it means your body will continuously need more and more to achieve the same high experience. 

One key sign of a cannabis tolerance build-up is experiencing a diminishing response to the same dose of cannabis over a lengthy period. If you find yourself consuming higher doses of cannabis but not achieving the same potent effects, you may have built up a high cannabis tolerance. 

Buy THC products from The Leaf Joint

At The Leaf Joint, we pride ourselves in promoting the best cannabis experience for all of our customers – and that starts with finding the right cannabis dose for you! Our top priority is making sure you are confident in your cannabis journey so you have the same style and swagger every time you walk into our doors. By understanding the guidelines of THC dosing, you can become a safer, smarter cannabis consumer. 


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